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Appointment & Cancellation Policy

  1. The Company reserves the right to make changes, additions, modifications or termination of any activity or service, for whatever reason it deems necessary, as well as modifications to opening hours, without prior notice or announcement .
  2. The services provided and valid by their descriptions and prices are those posted on our official website, as well, the current promotional offers on services, combination or discount packages, etc. and may be reviewed at any time. Any discounts or promotional posts that have been posted periodically in the past and remain online, are not valid.
    Discounts on services provided to customers from various affiliated companies apply to the original individual services. They do not apply to combination services, discount packages and generally any discounted services.
  3. All services are provided by appointment. Make sure your booking is on time. Last minute bookings or bystanders are always welcome, but service is subject to availability. Group bookings and special events should be scheduled as early as possible. The company reserves the right to claim up to 50% to 100% of the value of the service as a guarantee of the appointment. Please be sure of your schedule when making a reservation and make sure you are aware of our Cancellation Policy , to avoid unnecessary charges. Services are prepaid prior to their execution.
  4. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment, especially if this is your first visit. All visitors are required to complete the “Customer Form” with their tax information for the issuance of receipts and to be informed of the contraindications. We remind you that late arrivals cannot receive an extension of treatment time. Delaying your appointment time, can reduce your treatment time, without
    reducing its cost.
  5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Respect must be shown to the business and to the other guests who wish to book a service, by giving at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations. Canceling your appointment 24 hours before does not incur any charges. Cancellation of your appointment in less than 24 hours and up to 5 hours incurs a charge of 50% of the value of your service. Canceling your appointment in less than 5 hours as well as failing to cancel or not showing up will result in you being charged 100% of the value of your service. For group bookings of 5 people or more, cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance. All appointments must be pre-paid and no refunds are given under any circumstances.