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Welcome To AlMar Spa & Hammam!

  1. Staying in hammam is recommended for 60 ′ – 90 ′ minutes.
  2. Elderly people and those with serious health problems should have the consent of their attending physician and report it before entering the hammam. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those with heart problems, hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis, epilepsy etc or other dangerous diseases. To avoid any frustration, please inform us of any medical health problems when booking your appointment. It is
    your sole responsibility. If you feel unwell, please let us know as soon as possible to stop or modify your program. If you are pregnant, please ask your doctor first and let us know.
  3. Feel free to contact your masseur during your treatment so that he or she knows how you are feeling, especially if you feel uncomfortable or you have a pain in some part of your body. Your comments will allow him to tailor the treatment to your preferences.
  4. Your circulation in the wet areas should be limited and very careful, due to the normal slippery areas, always using the non-slip flip flops we provide.
  5. We provide locker rooms and cupboards for your clothes and personal belongings and are not responsible for any damage, loss or security. Do not bring or leave valuable items in your cupboards. Keep the key under your supervision and don’t forget to hand it over to the front desk on your way out.
  6. Please do not expose your body unnecessarily. Nudism is not allowed. Always wear your swimsuit or, if you do not have, the disposable underwear (for men), which we can supply for a small fee. If the towel does not provide you with sufficient coverage, please do not hesitate to seek help. Our masseurss are trained to ensure that your body is adequately covered and exposed only when you receive treatment. We encourage youto remove jewelry and make-up before treatment. We offernon-slip flip flops and towels for the treatments, which are washed and cleaned after each use.
  7. For safety and hygiene reasons the following are not permitted: Smoking in all areas. The use of the hammam after a long meal and under the influence of alcohol. The introduction of food-beverages-glassware. The Entrance to the premises of treatments with shoes and pets . The introduction and the use of cosmetic and oily-slip preparations in wet areas.
  8. AlMar Hammam is a place of tranquility and relaxation. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation. Please leave your cell phones switched off or muted in the changing rooms and talk low. This will enhance the overall pleasure and the relaxation experience for yourself and other guests.
  9. Please always consult our staff on how to operate and use the equipment and premises. For your own safety, do not be isolated in unattended areas. Respect other members who use the sites, avoiding suggestions and comments, addressing any problems you may have with our staff. Return the towels-flip flops and any material or item you purchased for use and is the property of the company.
  10. Please respect the timing of your treatment. Our services are specially designed and tailored for your convenience. In this context, we ask you to follow your masseur’s advice during your visit.
Thank you for your Cooperation